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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Our three-year course (the Computer Science Tripos) is designed to put you at the forefront of modern CS with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) qualification. If you’re looking to go a bit further and experience the leading edge of CS research, our fourth year option provides you with the opportunity to graduate with an additional Masters of Engineering (MEng) qualification.

75% of your first year is spent studying Computer Science and 25% studying Mathematics. You sit three Computer Science papers (Papers 1, 2, and 3) and the Natural Science mathematics paper at the end of your first year.

Expected Study Hours Notice

Course content

  1. The First Year (75% Computer Science, 25% Mathematics)
  2. The Second Year (100% Computer Science)
  3. The Third Year (100% Computer Science)
  4. The Fourth Year (100% Computer Science)

Employment prospects

Cambridge computer science graduates are highly employable. The latest statistics from Unistats, the official website to help you make an informed choice when deciding which UK university to apply to, show that 100% of our graduates were employed with a graduate-level job six months after graduation. This is best possible outcome, and is better than most other subjects, even at Cambridge!