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Department of Computer Science and Technology

In preparation for migrating to new filer hardware, we need to make changes to the automounter mappings used on managed Linux machines to access NFS file servers. These mappings are used to implement paths mostly beginning with /auto, and most frequently accessed through symbolic links such as /homes. /anfs and /usr/groups. The maps are made available to client machines from our LDAP server.

Next Tuesday, 6th August, we intend to replace the maps with a new set, generated using a new mechanism which has the flexibility to handle the forthcoming transition. The new maps are intended to be broadly compatible with the old, but they are not identical. The opportunity has been taken to remove some obscure features which are believed to be disused.

If you encounter problems which might be caused by change to the mappings, please open a sys-admin ticket in the usual way.

Published by Martyn Johnson on Thursday 1st August 2019