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Department of Computer Science and Technology

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  • This person is no longer active in the department.

News: From 1 April 2023 I start new positions at the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Czech Technical University. Please continue to my personal website or follow my CAS website for further updates.

I am a Research Associate, working on Anuj Dawar and Samson Abramsky’s joint EPSRC project called Resources and co-Resources: a junction between categorical semantics, model theory and descriptive complexity.

This project lies in the intersection of category theory and finite model theory. In particular, we study and develop the so-called game comonads to express logical and combinatorial properties of finite relational structures. In past, I've worked on two other projects that applied tools from pointfree topology and duality theory in the study of paraconsistent logics and finite model theory.

For more information about my current and past activities visit my personal and postdoc websites.


To see the list of my publications visit


  • Denotational Semantics (supervision, Michaelmas Term)
  • Discrete Mathematics (supervision, Michaelmas Term)
  • Complexity Theory (supervision, Easter Term)

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