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Department of Computer Science and Technology

  • PHD Student


I am currently a second-year PHD student in the Rainbow Group at the University of Cambridge School of Computer Science and Technology being supervised by Dr Rafal Mantiuk. Prior to joining the Rainbow group I attended the University of St Andrews where I graduated with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and completed an MPhil in Advanced Computer Science at the University of Cambridge. During my time at St Andrews I worked as a Research Assistant to Dr Peter Cameron working on problems in discrete mathematics. At Cambridge I have also been a Research Assistant to Dr Cengiz Oztireli working on problems related to neural implicit surface representations, gaining a wide exposure to state of the art machine learning based approaches to surface representation and occupancy functions.

I am currently working on problems in perceptual computer graphics. The overall aim of my research is to study the discrepancy between the extensive requirements necessary to achieve perceptual realism and limited requirements of the edge devices, such as mobile phones, VR/AR headsets, laptops, .etc, upon which we would like to display such content. Factors such as method focus cue presentation, display dynamic-range, refresh rate and resolution and highly realistic view-dependent shading, all greatly impact both observer perceptions of visual realism and visual comfort. Through my work in the Cambridge Graphics and Display Technology group, I have  sought to research such factors and to find solutions for the problem of attaining many of the benefits such features confer to the visual experience, while operating within computational, energy and thermal constraints.  



Percpetually accelerated rendering.

Global illumination.

Mulit-focal rendering.

Neural implicit shape representations,




Supervisor - Advanced Algorithms (Part II)


Supervisor - Introduction to Graphics (Part Ia)

Supervisor - Advanced Graphics and Image Processing (Part III/MPhil)

Supervisor - Part II Dissertation projects 


Supervisor - Further to Graphics (Part Ib)

Supervisor - Advanced Graphics and Image Processing (Part III/MPhil)

Supervisor - Part II Dissertation projects 


Joseph March, Anantha Krishnan, Simon Watt, Marek Wernikowski, Hongyun Gao, Ali Özgür Yöntem, and Rafal Mantiuk. 2022. Impact of correct and simulated focus cues on perceived realism. In SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 Conference Papers (SA '22 Conference Papers). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, Article 22, 1–9.


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