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I am a post-doctoral research associate working with Anuj Dawar in the project "Logical Fractals" funded by the Leverhulme Trust. Prior to coming to Cambridge, I was a post-doctoral fellow in the Theoretical Computer Science Wing at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc), Chennai. I completed my Ph.D., and also my Bachelors and Masters, from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. My dissertation, titled "A generalization of the Łoś-Tarski preservation theorem", was completed under the guidance of Bharat Adsul and Supratik Chakraborty. A summary of my dissertation can be found here.


My research is in the areas of mathematical logic, particularly classical and finite model theory, and parameterized algorithms. My work is largely about adapting notions and results from classical (infinitary) model theory to the context of finite structures. Two of these of particular interest to me have been the Łoś-Tarski preservation theorem and the  Löwenheim-Skolem property. In parameterized algorithms, my interest is primarily in algorithmic metatheorems that provide a uniform means of obtaining fixed parameter tractable algorithms for all problems that can be defined in a given logic. Finally, I am also interested in structural (hyper)graph theory, particularly the notion of clique-width in the graph and geometric settings, for the various connections it has to logic and algorithms.

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