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Department of Computer Science and Technology

  • PhD Student
  • This person is no longer active in the department.

Hi! I'm Alex.


I am an Industrial Fellow of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. I hold an MSc degree in Systems Engineering and Computer Science from COPPE/UFRJ, with an emphasis in Algorithms and Theoretical Computer Science. Prior to joining Cambridge, I also worked in the development of algorithms for autonomous vessels with ASV Global (now L3Harris), as well as scientific simulation software for oil and gas research.


My current PhD research orbits around explanation-aware distributed multi-agent and human-agent systems: an investigation on the effects and properties of explainable agency. We are investigating how distributed conflict resolution environments can benefit from the exchange of explanations between agents, in dimensions such as path deconfliction, task allocation, fairness, and privacy. The objective is to study the role of explanations in multi-agent systems. Representative questions include: what constitutes an "efficient" explanation in multi-agent interaction? Can explanations facilitate human-agent teaming in a distributed setting? Can machines be on the receiving end of explanations, in a similar way to how humans would?

Additional research interests include Algorithms and Complexity, Graph Theory, Applications of Robotics, Software Architecture for Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, Existential Risk.


  • Teaching Assistant and Project Supervisor for Mobile Robot Systems (2019-2021)

Professional Activities

I am also a Staff Software Engineer at Speechmatics.


Alex Raymond, Hatice Gunes, and Amanda Prorok. 2020. Culture-Based Explainable Human-Agent Deconfliction. In Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent Systems (AAMAS '20). International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, Richland, SC, 1107–1115.

Luke Guerdan, Alex Raymond, and Hatice Gunes. 2021. Toward Affective XAI: Facial Affect Analysis for Understanding Explainable Human-AI InteractionsTo appear in First International Workshop on Responsible Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence at ICCV 2021.

Alex Raymond, Matthew Malencia, Guilherme Paulino-Passos, Amanda Prorok. 2022. Agree to Disagree: Subjective Fairness in Privacy-Restricted Decentralised Conflict ResolutionFrontiers of Robotics and AI.

Francesco Sovrano*, Alex Raymond*, Amanda Prorok. 2022. Explanation-Aware Experience Replay. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters.

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