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Department of Computer Science and Technology


At the end of your proposal you declare the resources you intend to use. Extra signatures may be needed on your cover sheet to confirm the resources will be available.

If you are using your own computer, please state its specifications and also state your contingency plan in case it should fail (such as using MCS or another personal computer). Please also state your file back up plan and revision control system if used (which is recommended).

If using your own computer please include the following text in your declaration: I accept full responsibility for this machine and I have made contingency plans to protect myself against hardware and/or software failure.

Additional MCS Resources

If you need substantially more file space than you have been allocated on the MCS use the web form to request it.

  • please state in your application that you are Part II CST
  • requests for small increases of MCS space will need a very brief justification (but please don't send your proposal)
  • requests for substantial increases should also be accompanied by a brief supporting e-mail from your Supervisor to

Note that some MATLAB toolkits are not available on the MCS but might be available on Computer Laboratory accounts.

Door Entry

Access to the Computer Laboratory can be granted if there is a good reason. If you require access to the secure part of the William Gates Building, you should state who will be responsible for you whilst you are on the premises. They should sign your Project Proposal Coversheet as a Special Resource Sponsor.

Computer Laboratory Accounts

Access to Computer Laboratory computers can be granted if there is a good reason, e.g.

  • collaboration with a particular research group;
  • use of software not available on the MCS facility.

If you plan to use a Computer Laborarory account then state this and give your reasons why in your resources declaration. If relevant, the signature of a sponsoring member of the department (e.g. the owner of the specific resource) is required as an extra signature on the project cover sheet. In addition, your supervisor should send an email to requesting the account with a brief justification.

Some Computer Laboratory resources and the people who can authorise their use:

  • Requests for resources involving a Computer Lab research machine should be authorised by a member of staff who has jurisdiction over it. A partial list of Computer Lab research machines (and other equipment) and their owners is given below (if there are several owners, then the signature of any one of them is sufficient):
    • Comms, and Operating Systems:
      Jon Crowcroft
    • Automated reasoning:
      Larry Paulson
    • Computer Architecture machines, Altera tools and FPGA boards:
      Simon Moore
    • Rainbow Group motion capture system and projected displays:
      Peter Robinson
    • Lecture Theatre audio-visual systems:
      Peter Robinson

Third Party Resources

Resources provided by your College, other university departments or industrial collaborators must be declared. The name and contact details (including email address) of the person in charge of the resource must be stated and their signature must be present on the project cover sheet. Resources from third parties can sometimes disappear unexpectedly, so please state why you believe this is not going to happen or else state your contingency plan in case it does.