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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Diploma model projects

Model Proposals are intended for Diploma candidates who embarked on the course with little or no programming experience. The proposals also serve to illustrate the style of Project Proposal that the Laboratory expects. The projects described may be modified.

The principal features of these projects are:

  • The projects described do not call for extensive prior background. They have all been undertaken in previous years so it is known that they can be completed successfully in the allotted time.
  • All the proposals include a timetable and a set of well-defined milestones to work to.
  • Should time allow, each proposal contains suggestions for further work beyond what is sufficient for a complete project.

Important remarks

Previous attempts at the projects proposed have varied from fair to excellent.

It is not the intention of these Model Proposals to specify undemanding projects and all the proposals provide scope for advanced work. In practice, the standard of dissertations which have stemmed these proposals has ranged across the whole spectrum of acceptability. One of the proposals is based on the project which was deemed the best of its year.

All candidates should consult their Directors of Studies who, for some candidates, may advise that none of the proposals is suitable. Directors of Studies also need to be consulted about the appointment of Project Supervisors.

Candidates for Part II of the Computer Science Tripos were not foremost in the minds of those who selected the proposals but some of the projects may be suitable for some Tripos candidates.

PDF versions of the Model Proposals are available below.

The LaTeX source code for these proposals is available.

See demodiss.tar for some notes on producing your proposal and dissertation in LaTeX (kindly provided by Martin Richards).