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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Intellectual-property ownership

Some information on who owns the Intellectual Property (IP) relating to a project can be found in Statutes and Ordinances 2011 (Intellectual Property Rights).

  • All materials submitted for examination must be free from third party IP restrictions or other disclosure restrictions (e.g. such as those arising from NDA or patent applications).
  • The student retains all rights in the material submitted and no publication or exploitation rights are conveyed to the University by submission.

The source code for the project that is created or substantially modified must be submitted along with the dissertation itself. However, libraries or other bodies of code that would be required to make the project run do not need to be submitted and could be subject to NDA.

If you are worried about IPR ownership issues you are recommended to consult your Director of Studies and an appropriate lawyer.

Briefing Officer
September 2010