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Department of Computer Science and Technology


If any phase of your project involves recruiting volunteers, carrying out surveys, observing users, releasing software for trial use, collecting online or mobile behaviour data or conducting usability tests, it is essential that you and your supervisor inform the Computer Laboratory Ethics Committee of your plans before any of these activities start.

Your project supervisor will help you to fill in an online form containing two questions:

1. A brief description of the study you plan to do.

2. The precautions you will take to avoid any risk.

Simple guidance related to the most common types of study is available on the School of Technology Research Guidance site

You may also find it useful to discuss your plans with the person supervising you for the Part II HCI course.

After submitting the ethics review form, you will receive feedback from the Ethics Committee within a few days. You must not start any study with human participants without approval from the Ethics Committee.


Form for your project supervisor to complete:

Read-only copy viewable by undergraduates:

Ethics policy for the Computer Laboratory: