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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Advice on backing up files during projects

  • Suppose you make a mistake and need to undo some changes.
    • This is handled by you in your own file space using version-control software (RCS, Subversion, etc).
    • Ensure you have enough disc quota to make backups!
  • Suppose the discs crash and all on-line data is lost.
    • This is handled by nightly/weekly/monthly dumps managed by the Service as part of their provision of sound facilities.
  • Suppose you want to save a copy of your project after the end of the course.
    • The University is not normally responsible for this. Projects need to be kept on-line until the class list is out, but after that they become your private responsibility.

Note that if there has to be a recovery from backups after a major disc failure it is likely to cause a delay. Build this possibility into your schedule!

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