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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Students taking the 75% option study 2 units of assessment. You make your selection by the end of the Part IB Lent term in consultation with your Directors of Studies.

Providing your Directors of Studies agrees, you may change your option up until the first Monday of your Part II Michaelmas term after which no more changes may be made.

You should register your course choices on CamSIS when you enrol for your exams.

You are strongly advised to take one unit in Michaelmas term and one unit in Lent term.

All assessed coursework must be submitted via either the Moodle course page, or via the *undergraduate* student admin office so that we have a complete record of all assessed work for the examiners.

Each piece of coursework should be accompanied by a coversheet. Yellow paper cover sheets are available outside Student Admin.

Normal coursework submission rules apply. You should ensure either your paper copies or the electronic version is submitted before the deadline. If there are extenuating circumstances and you think you may miss a deadline you should talk to your Director of Studies who may request an extension on your behalf. Short extensions can only be given when requested in writing by your college tutor and agreed by the Chair of Tripos Examiners.