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Department of Computer Science and Technology

  • PhD Student


My ucampas style website can be found here: which will be updated more frequently.

I am a PhD student at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory under the supervision of Prof. Pietro Lio' and Prof. Mateja Jamnik as part of the Artificial Intelligence Group and the Computational Biology Group. I am generously funded by the W.D Armstrong Fund.

My research interests lie within the fields of information theory, machine learning, and biomedical informatics. My current research looks into developing learning algorithms applicable to irregular structured data such as graphs and domain specific applications in precision oncology. However my general interest in the design of useful inductive biases for representation learning goes beyond graph contexts. In previous years my research has focused on developing clustering algorithms on graphs, heterogenuous data integration, and data harmonization techniques.

Outside of working I enjoy motorcycling, camping, cooking, and reading basic maths.


  • Supervisor 1B Artificial Intelligence Easter 2019
  • Demonstrator 1A Scientific Computing Lent 2020
  • Supervisor MPhil RM03 Spatial Analysis and Modelling Lent 2020
  • Supervisor MPhil RM03 Spatial Analysis and Modelling Lent 2021

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(01223) 7-67022