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Department of Computer Science and Technology

  • Affiliated Lecturer
  • Senior Research Associate

Currently, my research focus is on True 3D visualisation, novel 3D light field acquisition and display, and high dynamic range displays.

My research interests are:

  • 3D holography and light fields
  • 3D image acquisition and display
  • Immsersive technologies (AR/VR/MR)
  • 360-degree 3D interactive displays
  • Head-up displays
  • Diffractive and reconfigurable optics
  • 3D printed optics


Before joining Computer Labs, I was a Research Associate with the Engineering Department, Electrical Engineering Division in University of Cambridge. I worked for the collaborative research between University of Cambridge and Jaguar Land Rover on Immsersive 3D Augmented Reality Head-up Displays. I also carried independent research work on glasses-free 360-degree 3D light-field cameras and displays.

I received my BSc and PhD degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, in 2006 and 2012, respectively. My PhD was supervised by Prof Levent Onural.

You can download my thesis from here: Three-dimensional integral imaging based capture and display system using digital programmable Fresnel lenslet arrays.



I am an Associate Fellow in Advance Higher Education.

I was a Teaching Assistant during my PhD at Bilkent University. I was responsible for several fundamental Electronics courses such as Introduction to Digital Circuit Design, Circuit Theory, Telecommunications Electronics, and Digital Signal Processing as well as Maths courses Linear Algebra and Complex Calculus. Moreover, I coordinated the cross-disciplinary course Innovative Product Design and Development.

2016 - 2020

  • Supervised for Digital Signal Processing.

Professional Activities

OSA Display Technology Technical Group Vice-Chair (2022-present).

Invited to give a talk at the webinar "Novel Displays for Future Vision Science," (Sept 2021), organised by Optica technical groups Applications of Visual Science and Display Technology.

Co-organised and co-hosted the "OSA Incubator meeting for Perception in Immersive Technologies," (Sept 2021).

Co-organised and co-hosted the "OSA Incubator meeting for Visual Perception in AR/VR," (Sept 2020).

Elected as the OSA Display Technology Technical Group Chair (2019-2021).

Here are some short interviews of OSA with me:

Senior Member of OPTICA. 

Senior Member of IEEE. 

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Journal articles

Conference Proceedings


Other Publications

  • Rigmor C. Baraas, Francisco Imai, Ali Özgür Yöntem, and Jon Y. Hardeberg, "Visual Perception in AR/VR," Optics & Photonics News, April, (2021).

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