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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Five members of this department have been promoted - and as a result, we have two new Readers and three new Professors here.  

Our new Readers are Drs Thomas Sauerwald and Robert Watson.

Thomas Sauerwald has been in this department since July 2013, for the last two years as a University Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor). His research interests are in Markov chains and Random walks; Randomised algorithms: Machine Learning; Data Science; Distributed computing and Graph Theory. He teaches courses on Probability and Advanced Algorithms.

Robert Watson is a University Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Systems, Security, and Architecture. He is involved in several research groups at the lab, including Security, Networks and Operating Systems, and Computer Architecture. He has led development of the CHERI architecture for the last nine years, a transformative processor security technology that has become the centre of the £187m Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Digital Security by Design challenge. CHERI protects computer systems from widely exploited security vulnerabilities through fine-grained memory protection and scalable software protection. The first experimental CHERI-extended Arm processor, System-on-Chip, and demonstration board, Morello, will ship in late 2021. 

Our new Professors are Tim Griffin, Richard Mortier and Andrew Rice.

Tim Griffin is a Reader in Computer Science here. His research area is Network protocol design and analysis, with a focus on Internet routing protocols. He is a member of the Programming, Logic, and Semantics Group here and also The Systems Research Group

Richard Mortier is a Reader in Computer Science here. He is part of the Systems Research Group here. His research interests are in computing infrastructures, specifically networked systems. He is responsible for teaching the first year course here on Operating Systems as well as the M.Phil in Advanced Computer Science and Part III course, R01 Advanced Topics in Computer Systems.

Andrew Rice is also a Reader here, working in the Digital Technology Group and additionally is the Hassabis Fellow in Computer Science. His research activity focuses on programming and software engineering. He is also one of the team behind the development of the Isaac Physics and Isaac Computer Science online teaching platforms. Along with his colleague Professor Alastair Beresford, Andy received the Pilkington Prize for teaching excellence in 2014. 

We warmly congratulate all of them on their promotion.

Published by Rachel Gardner on Wednesday 24th June 2020