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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Of the 43 papers accepted (18.5% of those submitted) for the
Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL 2013) to
be held in Rome next January, four are authored by members of the Computer Laboratory's Programming, Logic, and Semantics Research Group.

  • Library Abstraction for C/C++ Concurrency.
    Mark Batty and Mike Dodds (University of Cambridge) and Alexey Gotsman (IMDEA Software Institute)
  • Sigma*: Symbolic Learning of Stream Filters.
    Matko Botincan (University of Cambridge) and Domagoj Babic (UC Berkeley)
  • Full Abstraction for Nominal Scott Domains.
    Steffen Lösch and Andrew Pitts (University of Cambridge)
  • Universal properties of impure programming languages.
    Sam Staton (University of Cambridge) and Paul Levy (University of Birmingham)

Published by Jan Samols on Monday 29th October 2012