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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash

Two research teams here are among the recipients of a £10 million government investment in 'Digital Security by Design', a programme aiming to help the tech infrastructure of UK organisations and digital devices be more resilient to cyber attacks.

Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden announced last week that nine academic research teams across the UK are receiving this funding as part of the 'Digital Security by Design' programme.

This programme aims to prevent hackers from remotely taking control of digital systems such as personal computers or smart home security systems, and to protect people and businesses from cyber attacks and data breaches.

The two projects in this department that have won funding are 'CAPcelerate: Capabilities for Heterogeneous Accelerators', led by Dr Tim Jones, and 'CHERI for Hypervisors and Operating Systems (CHaOS)', led by Dr Robert Watson.

They join projects run by researchers at the Universities of Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Kent, Oxford and Southampton and at Imperial College London.

In his announcement, Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden said: "We have a top-class cyber security sector and together we are working hard to make sure the UK is the safest place to work, connect and live online. With government support these projects will build cutting-edge, secure technologies that will give people and businesses further confidence in our digital services and help weaken the threat of cyber attackers."

The programme is delivered by UK Research and Innovation. Programme director John Goodacre said: "These projects will increase the knowledge and skills around this new technology, as well as research the opportunities this fundamental change offers to the security of computers across business and society in the future."

  •  Image by Philipp Katzenberger / Unsplash.


Published by Rachel Gardner on Monday 15th June 2020