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Department of Computer Science and Technology

The public sphere in the age of the algorithm

Thursday 14 March: 7:30pm - 8:30pm, Mill Lane Lecture Rooms

In recent years the internet has become a key battleground for electoral politics. Dr Jennifer Cobbe examines how surveillance capitalism and the increasingly algorithmic nature of online public space allows the public sphere and the democratic process to be manipulated by microtargeted political advertising, disinformation, and political bots.

Dr Jennifer Cobbe is a researcher in the Compliant and Accountable Systems Group in the Department of Computer Science and Technology at the University of Cambridge. Jennifer is also the Coordinator of Cambridge’s Trust and Technology Initiative, which explores the dynamics of trust and distrust around internet technologies, societies, and power. Her research takes an interdisciplinary approach to look at the impact of the use of new and emerging technologies in the areas of public law, human rights, surveillance, privacy, and data protection.

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Published by Jonathan Goddard on Monday 11th March 2019