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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Unikernel Systems, co-founded by Computer Laboratory staff and postdoctoral researchers, has been acquired by San Francisco based Docker Inc.

Founded in 2015, Unikernel Systems provides a new approach to building, deploying and managing cloud services. The acquisition enables Docker Inc to integrate support for unikernels into its own tools and services.

"This brings together one of the most significant developments in operating systems technology of recent years, with one of the most dynamic startups that has already revolutionised the way we use cloud computing. This link-up will truly allow us all to "rethink cloud infrastructure”, said Balraj Singh, co-founder and CEO of Unikernel Systems.

“This acquisition shows that the Computer Laboratory continues to produce innovations that find their way into mainstream developments. It also shows the power of open source development to have impact and to be commercially successful”, said Professor Andy Hopper, Head of the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.

Published by Jan Samols on Thursday 21st January 2016