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Department of Computer Science and Technology

PhD students and postdocs across Cambridge University can apply for a new training course that will equip them with skills in using data science to advance their own scientific research.

The course is being run by our colleages at the Accelerate Programme for Scientific Discovery, which is based here in the Department of Computer Science and Technology.

My research focuses on harnessing the power of AI to help clinicians make data-driven decisions about postoperative bleeding. The Data Science for Science Residency helped me with... practical data science processes essential for getting data into a usable format in order to visualise, analyse and start to build AI models.

PhD candidate Diana Robinson

Starting on 27 February 2023, the new five-week course is aimed at helping participants apply data science tools to their own datasets and research problems. Applications are now open and will close at 5:00 pm on Friday 13 January 2023.

Previous courses have attracted participants from many fields. They include archaeology, chemistry (like Ryan Geiser, pictured above, who wanted to use AI in his PhD research into Alzheimer's Disease), physics, engineering, medicine, veterinary medicine and psychology. Participants have been looking for answers to a range of questions, including:

Practical data science skills
The course aims to give researchers in fields outside computer science the skills they need to use machine learning (ML) in their research, and help them apply data analysis to their own datasets and problems. Many of them have found this extremely helpful in advancing their work:

During the course, participants will use data science techniques on their own datasets and research questions and collaborate on real-world data science challenges in teams. They will also contribute to a world-leading community of scientists and researchers. You can see and hear from some of them in the video below.

See full details, including how to apply, on the Accelerate Programme website.













Published by Rachel Gardner on Tuesday 6th December 2022

Data Science for Science course


How long does it run?
5 weeks.

When does it start?
Monday 27 February 2023

Who can apply?
Cambridge University PhD students or researchers with basic programming skills.

What's the time commitment?
30+ hours per week for five weeks. 

How much does it cost?
£1,050 (plus VAT). 

How do I apply?
Online via the Accelerate Science website.

What's the deadline to apply? 
5:00 pm, Friday 13 January 2023.