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Department of Computer Science and Technology

The old print server (version 1-6-2) will be retired in stages over the next week or so. Most users will not be affected, as they are already using our new server. The only people who need to take action are those who used Bonjour to load printers via the old server, which will be mostly Mac users. These printers will cease to work and they should be deleted and replaced with printers using the new server. At the moment a Bonjour user will typically see two entries for each printer, e.g.

alder:FS19:RICOH Aficio SP C430DN PS @ svr-cups-1-6-2
alder:FS19:RICOH Aficio SP C430DN PS @ svr-cups-2-2-7

The svr-cups-1-6-2 versions will be removed and any printers loaded using them should be reloaded using the svr-cups-2-2-7 version. Note that the printers will be removed from the old server in stages over a week rather than all at once. This is an attempt to reduce a potential tsunami of "printing is broken" messages to a more manageable trickle.

Published by Piete Brooks on Wednesday 7th November 2018