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Department of Computer Science and Technology

The department is migrating from an old Active Directory domain to a new one. If you are still using somewhere the domain/realm/NetBIOS names of the old one, please check the current documentation and change to the new one accordingly:

  Old Kerberos realm name: AD.CL.CAM.AC.UK
  Old NetBIOS domain name: CL.CAM.AC.UK

  New Kerberos realm name: DC.CL.CAM.AC.UK
  New NetBIOS domain name: DC

Places where you may be using these names:

  • kinit command lines
  • MIT Kerberos Ticket Manager
  • /etc/krb5.conf files (especially default_realm entries)
  • Windows login screens

(The old AD domain had used dots in its NetBIOS name, which is no longer recommended in current naming conventions and can cause compatibility problems. This change has nothing to do with renaming the department.)

Published by Markus Kuhn on Monday 4th February 2019