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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Tuesday, 19 March, 2024 - 14:00 to 15:00
Soteris Demetriou, Imperial College London
Webinar & LT2, Computer Laboratory, William Gates Building.

In this talk I will focus on analysing the robustness of systems which depend on crowdsourced and sensor data. I will showcase vulnerabilities on mobile crowdsourcing services which can be exploited to launch data poisoning attacks successful in faking online posts for robberies, gunshots, and other dangerous incidents, faking fitness activities with supernatural speeds and distances. I will then show how data poisoning can impact 3D object detection in sensor-rich autonomous vehicles and discuss strategies for detecting such issues.

Meeting ID: 819 8279 1343
Passcode: 079963

RECORDING : Please note, this event will be recorded and will be available after the event for an indeterminate period under a CC BY -NC-ND license. Audience members should bear this in mind before joining the webinar or asking questions.

NOTE: Please do not post URLs for the talk, and especially Zoom links to Twitter because automated systems will pick them up and disrupt our meeting.

Seminar series: 
Security Seminar

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