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Department of Computer Science and Technology


The Rainbow (Graphics and Interaction) group has undertaken research in computer graphics since the mid-1960s, with a focus moving from display hardware and architecture (1970s), through rendering algorithms (1980s), 3D display technologies (1990s) and modelling (2000s), to our current work on new display technologies (HDR, VR, multifocal)

and imaging. The group has also undertaken research in human-computer interaction for many years. Much of this research has focused on novel interface techniques that put computing power into the hands of a wider range of users. This work has been complemented by research into applications of HCI theory, including cognitive science, social science and design practice. With rapid advances in key computing technologies and the heightened user expectation of computers, the development of socially and emotionally adept technologies is becoming a necessity. HCI research frequently involves collaboration with other parts of the university.