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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Phase 1 Project Selection Status Report

Please complete the form below and email it as a plain text message to both your overseers before 3:00 pm on the Monday after the Project Briefing.

Subject: Phase 1 - your surname: your proposed dissertation title

Phase 1 Project Selection Status Report



User Identifier:                                                 

Director of Studies:                                             

Please complete 1, 2 and 3 below.

1. Please write 100 words on your current project ideas.

2. Please list names of potential project supervisors.

3. Is there any chance that your project will involve any
computing resources other than the Computing Service's MCS and
software that is already installed there, for example: your own
machine, machines in College, special peripherals, imported
software packages, special hardware, network access, substantial
extra disc space on the MCS.

If so indicate below what, and what it is needed for.