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Department of Computer Science and Technology

  • PhD Candidate / Research Staff

I am a PhD candidate supervised by Professor Alice Hutchings and advised by Professor Ross Anderson within the Security Group. I am funded by the Department of Computer Science and Technology. I am also affiliated with the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre and part of Hughes Hall College. My personal webpage is here and my CV is here.


I am a research assistant at the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre since October 2019 under Dr Richard Clayton and Professor Alice Hutchings. I was a research intern at National University of Singapore (2019) advised by Professor Min Suk Kang (now he is at KAIST). I did my MSc in Information Science at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (2018) under Professor Mizuhito Ogawa and my BSc in Information Technology at Vietnam National University (2016), advised by Professor Xuan Hieu Phan.


My research offers timely empirical measurements to explore cyberspace and its societal impact at scale, focusing on underground subcultures fostering online crime and harm. The resulting insights help better understand online threats and inform policy decisions for safety and security. I am also interested in cyberlaw and internet policy. I am keen on collaborating with industry professionals, law enforcement, cybercrime offenders, and users of online communities. My recent work explores how these online communities react to external events, such as law enforcement and industry interventions, the Covid-19 pandemic, and armed conflicts. Before joining Cambridge, I worked on Bitcoin peer-to-peer network security and applied formal methods for malware analysis.

I have been collecting and sharing large-scale datasets of online wickedness such as cyberattacks, illicit marketplaces, and online discussions on underground forums. These include over 300,000 defacement attack records spanning two decades, more than 200,000 contractual transactions on the Hack Forums marketplace, and around 65 million posts on extremist forums. All datasets are made available to academic researchers upon request, provided by the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre. Or just drop me a line!



Supervisions at Cambridge

Teaching at Vietnam National University

  • INT1003: Fundamental of Informatics (2016-17)
  • INT2204: Object-Oriented Programming (2016-17)

Professional Activities

  • Reviewers: IMC'22 (shadow), WWW'24
  • External Reviewers: EuroS&PW'22USENIX Security'23USENIX Security'24
  • Research Talks and Presentations:
    • Yet Another Diminishing Spark: Low-level Cyberattacks in the Israel-Gaza Conflict
      • CCC'24 Cambridge Cybercrime Conference, University of Cambridge, UK (in person, 10 Jun 2024)
    • Armed Conflicts and the Changing Behaviour of Low-level Cybercrime Actors
      • S&P'24 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (short talk), San Francisco, USA (in person, 21 May 2024)
    • No Easy Way Out: the Efficacy of Deplatforming Forums to Suppress Hate and Harassment
      • SHB'24 Workshop on Security and Human Behaviour, Harvard University, USA (in person, 05 Jun 2024)
      • S&P'24 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, San Francisco, USA (in person, 20 May 2024)
      • CCC'23 Cambridge Cybercrime Conference, University of Cambridge, UK (in person, 22 Jun 2023)
    • Bored of Cyberwar: the Role of Low-level Cybercrime Actors in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict:
      • DSO National Laboratories of Singapore, Singapore (in person, 17 May 2024)
      • WWW'24 ACM World Wide Web Conference, Sentosa, Singapore (in person, 15 May 2024)
      • CCC'22 Cambridge Cybercrime Conference, University of Cambridge, UK (in person, 05 Sep 2022)
    • ExtremeBB: A Database for Research into Online Hate, Harassment, the Manosphere and Extremism
      • WOAH@ACL'23 ACL Workshop on Online Abuse and Harms, Toronto, Canada (online, 13 Jul 2023)
    • PostCog: A 'Search Engine' Enabling Interdisciplinary Research into Underground Forums at Scale
      • WACCO@EuroS&P'22 IEEE EuroS&P Workshop on Attackers and Cyber-Crime Operations, Genoa, Italy (in person, 06 Jun 2022)
    • Turning Up the Dial: the Evolution of a Cybercrime Market Through Set-Up, Stable, and Covid-19 Eras
      • IMC'20 ACM Internet Measurement Conference, Pittsburgh, USA (online, 29 Oct 2020)
    • Formal Semantics Extraction from Natural Language Specifications for ARM
      • FM'19 International Symposium on Formal Methods, Porto, Portugal (in person, 11 Oct 2019)


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