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Department of Computer Science and Technology

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My research interests span multiple layers of the stack, encompassing distributed systems, language runtime systems, and operating systems, and with a particular emphasis on scalability and performance. I am currently focused distributed training of PyTorch models in the ONNX runtime at Microsoft. Prior to that I was with AWS and worked on large-scale storage performance and data analytics with Amazon S3—for more on that, see talks from re:Invent, and the S3 Select; feature. Further back, I led the Oracle Labs group in Cambridge, UK working on runtime systems for in-memory graph analytics, and the confluence of work on “big data” and ideas from high-performance computing. Before joining Oracle I was with Microsoft (2004–2012), working on transactional memory and on the Barrelfish research operating system. I was on the faculty of the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory (2000–2004) where I led the department's research on concurrent data structures and contributed to the Xen virtual machine monitor project.

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