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Department of Computer Science and Technology

I am a visiting academic hosted by Prof. Andrew Moore. My bio:

Satnam Singh is a Fellow at Groq where he applies the power of functional programming languages to the design of machine learning chips and their programming models. Satnam Singh previously worked at Google (machine learning chips, cluster management), Facebook (Android optimization), Microsoft (parallel and concurrent programming) and Xilinx (Lava DSL for hardware design, formal verification of hardware). He started his career as an academic at the University of Glasgow (FPGA-based application acceleration and functional programming, software-defined radio).

His research interests include functional programming in Haskell, high level techniques for hardware design (Lava, Bluespec, DSLs in Haskell, Coq and C#), formal methods (SAT-solvers, model checkers, theorem provers), formally verified hardware/software co-design, FPGAs, and concurrent and parallel programming.

He is a Senior Member of the ACM and IEEE and a Fellow of the IET. He is also an elected member of IFIP WG2.8 (functional programming) and IFIP WG2.11 (program generation). He previously served as an elected member of ACM SIGPLAN. He has held part-time or honorary positions at The University of Birmingham, Imperial College London, the University of Washington, and the University of Santa Cruz (UCSC).


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