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Department of Computer Science and Technology

  • Visiting Researcher / Affiliate
  • Associate Professor at University of Oxford

My research focuses on the integration of micro-level architectures and macro level, large scale networked-systems. Such research requires a breadth of knowledge and expertise, building upon my industrial and academic experience. My research interests range from computer architecture, programmable hardware and networking to data science, with a specific interest in the combination of multiple disciplines (and a touch of measurements). Current research buzzwords include sustainable computing infrastructure, data systems, networked-systems architectures, rackscale computing, in-network computing and in-network machine learning, converged interconnects, memories architecture and performance, performance measurements, and others.

Before moving to Oxford, I was a Fellow and an Affiliated Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and Technology, where I was the PI on multiple projects (e.g., CAND, PERF) and the Chief Architect of the NetFPGA project. 

If you are a Cambridge student interested in these research areas for Part II / Part III / MPhil projects, consider contacting Prof Andrew W. Moore.