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Department of Computer Science and Technology

  • Executive Director, Accelerate Programme for Scientific Discovery

Jess Montgomery is Executive Director of the Accelerate Programme for Scientific Discovery, a new initiative developing artificial intelligence tools and collaborations to advance research. She is also Director of the Data Trusts Initiative, a project tackling the actions needed to develop trustworthy data governance frameworks. 


Jess has a range of collaborations in areas where AI is being used to tackle real-world challenges. These explore the roles that technological advances, scientific evidence, policy development and public dialogue can play in sharing the benefits of AI technologies across society. Her interests in AI and its consequences for science and society stem from her policy career, in which she worked with senior parliamentarians, leading researchers and civil society organisations to bring scientific evidence to bear on major policy issues.

Recent publications include:

Data Trusts Initiative (2021) A research agenda for data trusts (Working Paper 3), available at 

Montgomery, J. and Lawrence, N. (2021) Data governance in the 21st century: Citizen dialogue and the development of data trusts, in CSaP (2021) Future Directions for Citizen Science and Public Policy. Available here.

Data Trusts Initiative (2021) International perspectives on the development of data institutions (Working Paper 2), available at

Delacroix, S., Pineau, J. and Montgomery, J. (2020) Democratising the digital revolution: the role of data governance, in Braunschweig, B. and Ghallab, M. (Eds) Reflections on Artificial Intelligence for Humanity, Springer International Publishing, ISBN: 978-3-030-69128-8

Data Trusts Initiative (2020) Data trusts: from theory to practice (Working Paper 1), available at

Delacroix, S. and Montgomery, J. (2020) From research data ethics principles to practice: data trusts as a governance tool, available at SSRN.

Professional Activities

  • Executive Director, Accelerate Programme for Scientific Discovery
  • Director, Data Trusts Initiative
  • Invited Specialist, Global Partnership on AI
  • Strategic Research Agenda Adviser, ELISE network
  • Board member, Women in Machine Learning