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Department of Computer Science and Technology

  • Director, Adaptive City Programme

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Ian Lewis is Director of the Adaptive Cities Programme in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, at Cambridge University, and a Fellow of Girton College.


Our work involves the collection and analysis of historical and real-time sensor data from within an urban region (working with SmartCambridge) and technically similar work for in-building sensor data and building management (working with the Centre for Digital Built Britain).

We envisage a future world where buildings and cities operate largely autonomously, such that the infrastructure is itself the major consumer of the reference and real-time data. In this environment, dense sensor deployments will allow accurate assessment of the current state and also provide historical data from which 'normal' patterns of behaviour can be learned and anomolies detected. Continuous analysis will be required such that issues (such as air quality, energy use, congestion) can be predicted and timely action taken.


2014 - to current: Director, Adaptive Cities Programme in the Dept of Computer Science, University of Cambridge. This work has two particular 'systems' characteristics significantly based on my prior experience: (i) we are creating large-scale sensor networks which provide high-resolution data for urban and in-building environments and (ii) the primary objective is to facilitate optimal real-time actions which requires intelligent processing of the incoming data as a high-speed asynchronous stream in addition to rapid processing of the historical archive.

2005-2013: Director, University Computing Service, University of Cambridge, also Chair of the Russell Group IT Committee.

2000-2005: Global Chief Information Officer, Merrill Lynch Investment Banking

1997-2000: Global Chief Information Officer, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein Investment Banking

1995-1997: PhD, Massively Parallel Logic AI, University of Cambridge Dept. of Computer Science

1989-1995: VP of European Infrastructure, Morgan Stanley

1983-1989: IBM working with the Investment Banking industry.

1979-1983: B.Sc. (Eng) Electronics and Computer Science, Queen Mary College, London



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