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Department of Computer Science and Technology


I am a PhD student at the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge, working on mathematical logic and theoretical computer science under Prof. Dawar's supervision. I am a member of Clare Hall, and my studies are supported by a George and Marie Vergottis Scholarship awarded through Cambridge Trust, an Onassis Foundation Scholarship, and a partial EPSRC studentship. Prior to this, I read Mathematics and Computer Science at University College, Oxford, focusing on logic and algebra.


I am mainly interested in model theory and combinatorics, and their interactions with adjacent areas in theoretical computer science. Some themes I investigate are:

  • Limits of relational structures
  • Model-theoretic dividing lines in graph classes 
  • Ultrahomogeneous structures 

More broadly, I am interested in all things logic.


I am supervising (i.e. tutoring) the following courses at the University of Cambridge:


1. Ioannis Eleftheriadis (2021). “The cumulative hierarchy in Homotopy Type Theory”. arXiv:2108.06348

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