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Department of Computer Science and Technology

  • PhD researcher in Computer Science and Technology

Anna Ida Hudig is a PhD candidate in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at the Department of Computer Science and Technology at the University of Cambridge, supervised by Dr Jat Singh. Anna Ida is member of the Compliant and Accountable Systems Group

Anna Ida's research focuses on digital rights and accountability in complex data infrastructures and algorithmic supply chains. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, she combines computer science with law and social sciences.

Academic background

  • PhD Candidate in Computer Science and Technology | University of Cambridge, current position
  • Research Associate at the department of Computer Science and Technology | University of Cambridge, 2021-2023
  • MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development (graduated with distinction) | University of Cambridge, 2020
  • BSc in Future Planet Studies with a major in Artificial Intelligence | University of Amsterdam, 2018
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) | University of Amsterdam, 2017


  • Digital rights, accountability and transparency in digital technologies
  • Digital infrastructures and algorithmic supply chains
  • Sensor-driven data ecosystems / Internet of Things
  • Interactions between technology, law and society
  • Data relationships in FemTech


Anna Ida supervises undergraduate computer science students in:

  • Interaction Design (Part IA CST)

  • Economics, Law and Ethics (Part IB CST)

Professional Activities

Anna Ida has experience working at a law firm on EU projects focused on cybersecurity, accountability, and human rights within digital ecosystems. She has contributed to initiatives involving the use of public sector high-value datasets, AI for Public Policy, as well as privacy and security issues in satellite data and data protection in distributed resident energy networks. Prior to this, Anna worked on projects in asset tracking and distributed ledger (blockchain) infrastructure projects, exploring applications such as distributed ledger technologies in banking and carbon tracking in marine fuel distribution.


Hudig, H.A.I., Norval, C. & Singh, J. (2023). Data rights in the consumer Internet of Things, International Conference on AI and the Digital Economy (CADE 2023), Hybrid Conference, Venice, Italy, pp. 25-30, doi: 10.1049/icp.2023.2560.

Hudig, H.A.I., Norval, C. & Singh, J. (2023). Transparency in the Consumer Internet of Things: Data Rights and Data Flows [Research Report]. This project was funded by a grant from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). The report can be found here:

Hudig, H.A.I. (2023, June). Transparency in the Consumer Internet of Things [seminar]. Seminar Series on Challenges for a Cyber-Physical World. Institute for Cyber Security, University of New South Wales. Available at:

Hudig, H.A.I. (2023, April). What happens with our data in the Internet of Things? [presentation] Oxbridge Women in Computer Science Conference 2023.

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