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Department of Computer Science and Technology

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Currently, I am part of the Mobile Systems Research Lab at the Department of Computer Science and Technology, the University of Cambridge under Prof. Cecilia Mascolo. I am working on the MEDEA project funded by the Wellcome Trust to detect Alzheimer's disease using outdoor mobility and sleep data.

I got my PhD in Sep-2019 from the School of Informatics, the University of Edinburgh under Dr. Rik Sarkar in "Machine Learning and Privacy Preserving Algorithms for Spatial and Temporal Sensing". I was a Research Associate in the Department of Computing, Imperial College London under Dr Thomas Heinis (till Sep-2020).

My primary research interest is to design analysis and privacy-preserving algorithms using tools from topology, geometry, and statistics to infer abstract knowledge from massive and noisy spatio-temporal sensing data. I am also interested in Federated Learning problems and data management problems related to spatial and temporal data.

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