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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Three teams of students were announced as the winners of the Part 1B group project awards

Three teams of second-year students took home the honours today when the Part 1B Group Project Awards were announced.

Their work was recognised at an annual event celebrating the group design projects that all second-year undergraduates carry out as part of their practical work.

Each team of students has spent the past seven weeks working with a client from among the Department's industry supporters to develop a product based on an initial design brief.

And today there were prizes in three categories for those projects that were judged to be the most successful. 

The Most Impressive Technical Achievement Award went to Team November for 'Physical Computing for Beginners', a project they had carried out for client organisation the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Congratulations to team members Aaron, Ben, Conall, Joshua, Peter and Simon.

Runners up were Team Delta (for their project 'Don't Stop The Music' for client MQA) and Team Lima (for their project '' for client IMC).

The Most Impressive Professional Achievement Award went to Team Lima (for their project '' for client IMC). Congratulations to Jamie, Gwendolen, Jordan, Kofi, Maxwell and William.

Runners up were Team Bravo (for their project 'Automatic Entrepreneur' for client Luminance) and Team Kilo (for their project 'Likeness Trainer' for client Microsoft Mixed Reality and AI Labs).

Finally, the Best Contribution to a Better Future Award went to Team Tango for their healthcare app 'Speak in the Country' for client Speechmatics. Congratulations to Sriram, Samuel, Brian, Jino, May and Safy.

Runners up were Team Gold (for their project 'Fossil or Future' for client Informeta Ltd) and Team Quebec (for their project 'Responsible AI Copilot').

Alan Blackwell, Professor of Interdisciplinary Design here, told students that the work produced this year had been "amazing" and that both the client companies and the faculty here had been impressed by them.



Published by Rachel Gardner on Wednesday 15th March 2023