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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Professor Simon Peyton Jones, a Distinguished Honorary Fellow in this Department, has received an OBE for services to education and to computer science in the Queen's Birthday Honours 2022.

He is Chair of Computing At School and the National Centre for Computing Education.

He says: "I feel privileged to have been allowed to spend an entire research career on statically-typed functional programming, built around the programming language Haskell and its compiler GHC. Functional programming started as an academic curiosity, but has become a powerful and creative influence on the entire enterprise of programming.

"I have also been fortunate to contribute to a revolution in our nation's vision for computing education: computing is now seen as a foundational subject like maths and natural science, that all students should learn, rather than a vocational pathway for future software developers."

We congratulate him very warmly on this honour.

Published by Rachel Gardner on Tuesday 7th June 2022