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Department of Computer Science and Technology

In 2023, the Oxbridge Women in Computer Science Conference takes place here in Cambridge

The 2023 Oxbridge Women in Computer Science Conference takes place here in the William Gates Building this Saturday.

Organised by Women@CL, it brings junior & senior female computer scientists from UK universities together.

They'll have the chance to meet, present their research, get valuable feedback - and hear speakers share their experiences of "overcoming the obstacles of being a minority in the computer science field".

The research talks during the day cover topics such as "The TikTok Tempest: how media panic and public health policy shape social media perceptions of teens' wellbeing".

They also include a discussion on the need for more transparency in the consumer Internet of Things, given the huge flows of data collected and transmitted by the many smart devices in our homes.

Women@CL is a network that was set up in this Department to support women and non-binary people in computing research in their careers and encourage them to aspire to leadership positions, both in academia and industry. Helping organise this annual conference is one of their actions as they work to 

  • provide support for women in computing research
  • stimulate new research by bringing diverse viewpoints and expertise to bear
  • increase the recruitment and retention of women in computing research careers

We wish all the participants at this weekend's conference a rewarding and enjoyable time. 

Published by Rachel Gardner on Wednesday 26th April 2023