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Department of Computer Science and Technology

The Raspberry Pi Computing Education Research Centre, which is based in this Department, is playing a key role in a new programme of work aimed at supporting the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) leaders and building a more diverse, inclusive AI ecosystem.

The Research Centre has been selected by leading AI company DeepMind to conduct an independent evaluation of their AI school education programme

DeepMind is partnering with six UK education charities and social enterprises to co-create a bespoke education programme to help tackle the gaps in STEM education and boost existing programmes through funding, volunteering and the development of new AI resources.

The goal is to give young people – particularly those from groups currently underrepresented in STEM – the opportunity to learn about AI and the way it is changing the world, and to build their motivation and confidence to go on to study AI-related subjects and pursue a career in AI.

Evaluation of the programme
As the independent evaluators, the Centre will be working with DeepMind and their partners to measure the impact of this two-year programme as well as helping DeepMind to understand the effect of different pilot interventions when it comes to school-level AI education.

Read more about this work on the Raspberry Pi Computing Education Research Centre website.




Published by Rachel Gardner on Wednesday 7th December 2022