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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Image of PhD students Lorena Qendro (left) and Andrea Ferlini working with a Nokia Bell Labs' earable prototype as part of a collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs.

We'll be celebrating the renewal of the Centre for Mobile, Wearable Systems and Augmented Intelligence next week. The Centre will hold a special Open Day here on Wednesday 20th September. 

First established in 2018, thanks to the support of Nokia Bell Labs, the Centre's broad aim is to harness advances in mobile systems, security, and AI to underpin a new generation of new wearable sensor technologies.

Now Nokia Bell Labs has extended its philanthropic investment through a £1.5 million donation. This will support a senior postdoctoral research fellow and additional PhD studentships performing research focused on the next-generation mobile and wearable systems and applications.

The Centre covers topics ranging from the novel use of sensors and wearable devices to security and privacy issues found on mobile platforms.

Its work often develops novel machine learning methods and systems engineering techniques, or studies the interaction between people and mobile devices.

In recent years, research has often used applications to drive research questions, with a particular focus on health and wellbeing monitoring; the development of in-ear wearable sensing methodologies; research into the security of mobile platforms; and developing methods of anonymous communication and data sharing which work within the energy and operational constraints of mobile platforms.

The close collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs has accelerated innovation grounded in concrete applications, particularly through the provision and use of prototype hardware wearable devices. 

"This funding from Nokia Bell Labs allows us to act with agility and flexibility, supporting the next generation of researchers working at the cutting edge of mobile technologies" says Professor Cecilia Mascolo, who leads the centre jointly with Professor Alastair Beresford. "We're grateful for their continued support."

Dr Fahim Kawsar, Founding Director of Pervasive Systems research at Nokia Bell Labs, Cambridge, says: "Collaboration is at the heart of our mission to innovate the technologies that will transform the way we live our lives. Our academic partners are essential to shaping our future vision and we are delighted to further deepen our relationship with the University of Cambridge, and the talented students and researchers in this field."

Open day — 20 September

The Centre will be hosting an open day to celebrate the partnership with Nokia Bell Labs on 20 September here in the Department of Computer Science and Technology. Topics under the spotlight include 'Acoustic Intelligence' , 'Device Security' and 'What's Next For Device Research?' If you're interested, please see the programme and register to attend here.


Published by Rachel Gardner on Monday 11th September 2023