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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Generally, a First Aider should be called for any signficant incident where medical attention is required.
They will judge whether an ambulance is required.

To call an ambulance dial 1-999 from an office phone.

Give your location as:

University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, CB3 0FD
Off Madingley Road (towards the M11 junction, on the West Cambridge Site)

and give the number you can be called back on - during opening hours the number for reception (63500) is probably the best choice.

Finally, ask what resources (ambulance, paramedic, community first responder) they are sending and what the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is.

If nothing arrives within 10 min (or the ETA if it is longer than 10 min), call 1-999 again.

Send someone to Madingley Road to greet the Ambulance, and have someone waiting on JJ Thomson Ave to direct them to the WGB, and take the crew to the casualty.

There is an Ambulance policy giving information about when it is appropriate to call an ambulance. In an emergency, use your judgement, but it is worth reading this policy to ensure an ambulance is only called if absolutely necessary.