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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Structure and Responsibilities

  1. The Head of Department is responsible for ensuring the health, safety and welfare at work of staff, students and visitors of the Laboratory following the terms of the University Safety Policy Notice (current version dated Jan 6, 2004) as printed in The Little Green Safety Book. The Annual Report includes an assessment of the year's performance.
  2. Certain consultative, advisory and supervisory duties are delegated to other members of staff including the Departmental Safety Officer, Fire Safety Manager, Departmental Laser Officer and departmental Health and Safety Committee. The membership and minutes of the monthly meetings of the committee are displayed on notice boards.
  3. Every person having any de facto managerial or supervisory responsibilities within the Laboratory has the responsibility to identify any hazards associated with the activities for which they are responsible; to generate written Risk Assessments, warn those who may be affected; and to take steps to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that health and safety are not endangered. This includes the supervision of students.
  4. Every person, including students, working within the Laboratory has a responsibility to care for the health and safety of themselves and others, and to cooperate with others in the Laboratory to this end. No person shall intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health and safety. No person shall use any equipment without any necessary training or authority. Items provided for personal protection, e.g. clothing or goggles, must be used.

All persons should make themselves familiar with this document, the University Safety Policy Notice, and the University's Policy Statement on the presence of children on University premises, all of which are accessible from the world-wide web pages of the University Computer Laboratory . They should also be familiar with the University Safety Handbook (The Little Green Safety Book), and with the Emergency and Evacuation Procedures which are posted at various points around the Laboratory.

First Aid

First Aid boxes are placed around the Laboratory, as are lists of qualified First Aiders.

Accident Reporting

All accidents or near misses must be reported to the Departmental Safety Officer by those concerned or involved using the University Accident and Incident form available from the First Aid Boxes or the Safety Officer.

Chronic Medical Conditions

Any person may, on a purely voluntary basis, inform the Safety Officer or a member of the Safety Committee of any medical information relevant to First Aid. Every reasonable effort will be made to maintain appropriate confidentiality.

All members of staff should complete a Work Place Assessment having read the University booklet. Anyone having problems in completing the form should contact a member of the Departmental Safety Committee for help.

Any Occupational Health concerns should normally be raised initially with the Departmental Safety officer, a member of the Departmental Safety Committee or the Head of Department in the first instance, before being referred to the University's Occupational Health Department for advice and guidance. This ensures that the Department has an overall view of problems and can take the necessary steps to address them.

Lone working

No lone working is permitted with hazardous equipment. In particular all unshielded high-voltage equipment is to be regarded as hazardous and are not to be used alone outside normal office hours. If there is any doubt about whether or not a piece of equipment is hazardous the Departmental Safety Officer must be consulted.


Following the University's policy, children under 16 should only be admitted to the Laboratory with the permission of the Head of the Laboratory, his deputy, or the Departmental Safety Officer. They must always be accompanied by an adult, and should not enter kitchens, laboratories or workshops. If arriving unaccompanied, they should be met at Computer Laboratory Reception.

External Contractors

External contractors including staff of the University Estate Management and Building Service must be appraised of any special hazards or safety procedures to be followed in the Laboratory by the member of staff responsible for the particular area of activity. All such contractors must also be supervised by the relevant member of staff. The contractors should be deemed competent within their own fields of expertise.

External working

Laboratory staff should follow University and departmental safety policy when working outside the Laboratory, but also make themselves aware of and follow any other procedures relevant to the place in which they are working.


The current or planned use of any Class 3 or Class 4 laser devices or UV sources in the department must be reported to the Departmental Laser Safety Officer.


Anybody who has any doubt or uncertainty about any safety matter should consult the Departmental Safety Officer as soon as possible.

Professor A Hopper
Head of Department
16 January 2006
(last reviewed: 2007-06-21 by DSO)