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Department of Computer Science and Technology


The Research Staff Forum (RSF) is a committee of researchers and departmental staff that focuses on coordination, organisation and general discussion of work as a member of research staff in the Department. We aim to have representatives from all research groups. The Deputy Director for Postgraduate Education (Researcher Development), the Research Strategy Manager and the Departmental Secretary are also members of the Forum; the Faculty Administrator is the Secretary of the Forum; and the Forum chair is an observer on the Faculty board. This allows us the opportunity to bridge concerns, feedback, suggestions and discussions amongst the different department committees with those of research staff.

The Forum aims to be a platform for collaboration, mutual assistance, and a place to address challenges. If you find that your research group is not represented at the Forum, or if you’d like to discuss a matter that is not addressed broadly, or if you’d simply like to stop by and find out more, please join us! You can contact the Chair and the Secretary of the Forum at The Forum meets three times a year, and details of meeting dates are circulated on the research staff mailing lists.

Categories of staff eligible for membership of the Forum are as follows:

  • Research Assistants (including those who are doing a PhD)
  • Research Associates
  • Senior Research Associates
  • Principal Research Associates
  • Research Software Engineers
  • Senior Research Software Engineers
  • Directors of Research
  • Fellows

Terms of reference for the RSF are available here.

Member Role
James Sharkey Chair, Senior Research Software Engineer
Celia Burns Secretary, Faculty Administrator
Maliha Ashraf Graphics, Vision and Imaging Science theme
Dr Andrew Caines Natural Language and Information Processing Group; Natural Language Processing Theme
Dr. Fethiye Irmak Dogan Affective Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory (AFAR)
Helen Francis Research Strategy Manager
Dr Sadiq Jaffer Programming Languages, Semantics and Verification; Systems and Networking; Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence themes
Guy Laban Affective Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory (AFAR)
Dr Challenger Mishra Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Research Group and Theme
Dr Ajay Shankar Digital Technology Group; Mobile Systems, Robotics and Automation Theme
Caroline Stewart Departmental Secretary