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Read more at: Panini FIFA Sticker Collections

Panini FIFA Sticker Collections

14 March 2016

My eldest son likes collecting things. Of course all children seem to like picking up random objects and hoarding them forever, and we’ve had our fair share of leaves, stones, food wrappers and other assorted paraphernalia floating around the house until we can divert attention elsewhere and get rid of them. But my son also really likes collecting sets of toys, books and, currently, stickers.

He first got into this during the World Cup in 2014 when I thought he was old enough to really enjoy collecting the stickers of all the players and teams that you find in the famous Panini sticker album that’s published before each competition. I remember collecting these when I was growing up; the excitement at opening each pack...

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Hello World!

1 October 2015

Today is the first day I’m officially employed as a University Lecturer , so it seems appropriate for my research blog to be born right now. It’s going to be a bit of an experiment (as you’d expect), but hopefully a place where I can describe the research my group is undertaking in more detail, in a different way to how it’s presented in our papers, and with interesting results that we don’t intend to publish in any conference or journal. My aim is to make the research more accessible and informal than our academic articles. Let’s see how I get on!

Cheers Tim