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In Praise of Undergraduate Research

8 August 2019

In my last post I discussed the Janus automatic binary parallelisation tool that my postdoc, Kevin, has developed. At VEE earlier this year we had another paper on Janus , this time extending it to extract other forms of parallelism—automatic vectorisation for data-level parallelism and software prefetching for memory-level parallelism. We show how these schemes are applied to binaries in the context of Janus (with a neat trick for dealing with bounds-checking code when inserting prefetches to arrays) and evaluate them together. I’m not aware of any other work that tries to extract all three forms of parallelism at once. However, what I liked best about this paper was not the techniques, nor the results, but the fact that the two passes...

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Negar’s Memorial

7 June 2017

On Monday we held a memorial event in Emmanuel College for my PhD student, Negar , who died so tragically in October last year. These are the words I said in memory of her.

The first time I talked to Negar was just over 5 years ago, in May 2012. I can remember it vividly, sitting in Alan Mycroft’s office phoning Iran to interview a candidate for a job on hardware reliability. She came across as a quiet person who was unflustered by the questions that we threw at her. And behind that a determination too, a determination to secure the job, to come to Cambridge and achieve her ambition...

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Negar Miralaei

8 November 2016

It’s with immense sadness that I write about my PhD student, Negar Miralaei, who died in an accident back home in Iran on the 26th October. She will be sorely missed within my group and by everyone within the Computer Laboratory. Many tributes have been paid to her warmth, kindness and dedication to her research. You can read those from the Computer Lab and Varsity , for example.

Despite this being a short post, it has taken me nearly two weeks to write, such is the shock, sorrow and emptiness I have felt since being told the tragic news. Negar was a ray of sunshine in our group, always smiling, even in the face of adversity. She was...