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Department of Computer Science and Technology

AI for Maternal Health in Ethiopia

2 December 2019

Mahlet Woreta is an Ethiopian researcher has been building natural language processing systems to improve maternal health and safety in childbirth.

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BBC Digital Planet Coverage

30 November 2019

The AI in Africa project has been covered in an interview on the BBC World Service programme Digital Planet.

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AI and Health Records

18 November 2019

What opportunities are there for AI methods to contribute to healthcare in Ethiopia?

I've been learning about the IT systems deployed in the Bahir Dar health centre and main hospital. There are some serious systems challenges - with some relationship to my previous work in electronic health records, but no apparent 'quick wins' for AI research.

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Programming Neural Nets in Amharic

7 November 2019

Is it possible to teach and practice programming wholly in a national language, rather than the mix of English keywords and local content that is so typical of digital working?

Addisu Damena at the Bahir Dar Institute of Technology has created a system that does exactly this - not only for practical tasks like interactive websites, but even for experimenting with AI using neural networks.

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An Amharic Arduino? Culture in hardware

1 November 2019

We have been reminded how deep the cultural assumptions of open source and community computing can go.

Eden Melaku, a fifth-year undergraduate in software engineering at Bahir Dar University, discovered during a hackathon-style workshop that the open source Arduino platform is not open enough to support the Amharic language.

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Exploring AI opportunities in Ethiopia

29 October 2019

It's time to define some research priorities for our collaboration with Ethiopian colleagues.

Helen and I met with Tesfa Tegegne in Addis Ababa, to discuss issues relating to development of Amharic language resources in AI for Development, and potential for tools that might "leapfrog" data science methods and school curriculum for an AI generation.

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Mathematics curriculum for AI

21 October 2019

What maths do we need for a new generation of AI and Data Science workers?

In preparation for departure to Ethiopia, Helen and I visited the team at the Cambridge Mathematics project.

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About the banner image

20 October 2019

I made the banner image for this blog to think about AI in Africa.

The red dunes of the Namib desert show the beauty of the African continent, and remind me of Nnedi Okorafor’s Binti . The cut-away behind the letters AI has been transformed using a Deep Neural Network for style transfer.

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Broad learning not deep learning

14 October 2019

Artificial intelligence research has become deep but narrow. What would AI look like if it was invented in Africa?

Our goal is to explore that question by working with computer scientists and educators in Ethiopia, Namibia, Uganda and elsewhere. This blog will be our project diary over the coming year.

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