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Department of Computer Science and Technology

The AI in Africa project has been covered in an interview on the BBC World Service.

After discussing this project with the team from the Digital Planet programme, they have broadcast a short interview in which I discuss the differences between AI applications in Ethiopia and the UK. Presenter Gareth Mitchell picks up on the suggestion that a different approach to AI might feature "broad learning" as an alternative to "deep learning", and we consider how different scales of resource are likely to result in different research questions and priorities.

The BBC episode (available for a year) can be found at this link: (The interview about AI in Africa is the second item in the episode)

Unfortunately my collaborator here in Bahir Dar, Dr Tesfa Tegegne, was not able to join the interview. I hope that the programme will give more coverage to his work in a future episode. I may also return with contributions from future field visits to Namibia and Uganda.