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There is a remarkable divide in the field of logic in Computer Science, between two distinct strands: one focusing on semantics and compositionality (“Structure”), the other on expressiveness and complexity (“Power”). It is remarkable because these two fundamental aspects of our field are studied using almost disjoint technical languages and methods, by almost disjoint research communities. We believe that bridging this divide is a major issue in Computer Science, and may hold the key to fundamental advances in the field. The aim of the Structure meets Power workshop is to cultivate interaction between researchers who are interested in combining ideas from these two strands.

This workshop is one of the ICALP 2022 affiliated workshops.

Previous year's workshop website can be found here.


Workshop dates: 4 July 2022
Abstract submission deadline: 27 May 2022 (extended)
Author notification: 5 June 2022
Registration deadline: 20 June 2022


  • 06 March 2023: The website of our upcoming Structure meets Power 2023 workshop has been created: Structure Meets Power 2023.
  • 18 July 2022: All slides have now been uploaded. The links to slides can be found in the programme. You can also find the list of all participants at the bottom of this page.
  • 20 June 2022: We have added the address of the venue. See below in Local information. (WARNING: This is a different place from the previously announced)
  • 13 June 2022: The programme and the book of abstracts of contributed talks has been made available.
  • 28 March 2022: The first call for contributions is now available on EasyChair (and also on the CfP wiki)
  • 17 March 2022: Invited speakers announced.

Invited speakers


Those wishing to speak at the workshop are invited to submit an Extended Abstract of up to three pages (including references) via the EasyChair conference system, describing the content of the contributed presentation.

Submissions should only have a single author -- the speaker. The co-authors are required to be clearly indicated in the abstract and later also in the slides.

We encourage talks of all levels of progress, including novel contributions, already published results, work in progress, as well as survey-type contributions. However, original contributions might be considered for a subsequent special issue, consisting of journal versions of selected extended abstracts.

Depending on the number of submissions, contributed talks will be 20-30 minutes long.


There will be two types of participation, online and on-site participation. On-site participation costs 50 euros and includes 2 coffee breaks and lunch. Online registration is free of charge.

Those who wish to attend in person need to register on ICALP registration page: On-site participation registration form (for more information about this and also e.g. the support scheme, go to ICALP website)

For online participation, please fill in Online participation registration form. Those who register will then receive a Zoom link closer to the date.

Programme and abstracts

See the page Programme.

Local information

The workshop will take place on the address 45 Rue des Saints-Pères in Paris: (WARNING: This is a different place from the previously announced)

It seems that the only wifi available at the place will be eduroam. If you wish to use this wifi during our workshop, please make sure your eduroam account is up to date.

For more local information, please go to the conference website. Also, please monitor this website for updates.

Organising and Programme Committee

  • Samson Abramsky
  • Anuj Dawar
  • Tomáš Jakl
  • Dan Marsden

Contact information

For further information contact Tomáš Jakl <> or Dan Marsden <>.

Registered participants (on-line and on-site)

Note that this list is not complete. Some people might have only registered but did not turn up for the workshop at the end. Furthermore, some people did not give permission to be listed and some people might have attended our workshop without being registered.