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Department of Computer Science and Technology


The Digital Technology Group (DTG) is a research group within the Computer Laboratory and is led by Professor Andy Hopper. The DTG has a very wide area of expertise, its research scope ranging from system design, analysis and implementation at the physical level to development of novel devices and applications, an experience gained from a long history of applied research. As a distinctive feature, most projects within the group are also implemented and tested in real-world environments.

The research conducted within the Digital Technology Group is multi-disciplinary in nature. The current research topics include Computing for the Future of the Planet, Provenance and Reproducible computing, Indoor Location and Tracking, Compressive Sampling and Sparse representation, Robotic Systems,  Athlete Automatic Coaching, OS Kernel Enhancement, Privacy Systems and Policies, Wireless Sensor Networks, Cross-Layer Wireless Access, Cooperative Networks, Wireless Propagation Models for Challenging Environments, Channel Coding and Signal Processing for Wireless communications.

The group has also conducted research into conventional network systems and applications as well as more esoteric network technologies. At the applications and systems level, the DTG is particularly well-known for its work on location systems, pervasive, sentient and mobile computing systems