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Department of Computer Science and Technology

  • PhD in the Artificial Intelligence group
  • This person is no longer active in the department.

Hi :-) I did my PhD in the Artificial Intelligence group and passed the viva with no corrections on May 25th 2021! I was supervised by Prof Pietro Liò, a member of the Caraml network, a student at King's College and a recipient of the Wiseman Award for 2018-19. Please visit my website for details on my research experience, interests, publications, courses & projects I have supervised and other things I have done.


PhD thesis

Exploiting multimodality and structure in world representations, March 2021

Explored areas

  • Graph representation learning
  • Neural processes
  • Visual reasoning
  • Multimodal and cross-modal learning

More recent interests

  • Uncertainty + deep learning
  • Meta-learning


Master's course seminars

February 2021: Graph generative and probabilistic methods (R250 Advanced Topics in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing)

January 2020: Graph generation methods (R250 Advanced Topics in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing)

Master's projects (2018-present)

2020-21: Structure-aware Generation of Molecules in Protein Pockets (Pavol Drotar, Queens' College), Machine Unlearning (Mukul Rathi, Queens' College)

2019-20: Goal-Conditioned Reinforcement Learning in the Presence of an Adversary (Carlos Purves, Jesus College) (NeurIPS-W DeepRL)

2018-19: Representation Learning for Spatio-Temporal Graphs (Felix Opolka, Christ's College), Dynamic Temporal Analysis for Graph Structured Data (Aaron Solomon, Girton College) (both ICLR-W RLGM)

Undergraduate projects (2017-2020)

2019-20: Benchmarking Graph Neural Networks using Wikipedia (Péter Mernyei, Churchill College) (ICML-W GRL+ contributed talk), Multimodal Relational Reasoning for Visual Question Answering (Benedict Aaron Tjandra, Trinity Hall)

2018-19: The PlayStation Reinforcement Learning Environment (Carlos Purves, Jesus College) (NeurIPS-W Deep RL)

2017-18: Deep Learning for Music Recommendation (Andrew Wells, Queens' College)

Undergraduate courses (2016-2020)

Part IA: Foundations of Computer Science, Databases, Discrete Mathematics, Machine Learning & Real-World Data

Part IB: Logic & Proof, Artificial Intelligence

Professional Activities


See the list here.

Contact Details


catalina [dot] cangea [at] gmail [dot] com