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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Role Person
Head of Department Ann Copestake
Departmental Secretary Caroline Stewart
Deputy Head of Department Alastair Beresford
Deputy Head of Department Cecilia Mascolo
PA to HoD Jo de Bono
Departmental Secretary (Finance) Carol Nightingale
Senior Computer Officer Dr Martyn Johnson
Senior Computer Officer Dr Graham Titmus
Facilities Manager Ian Burton-Palmer
Departmental Health and Safety Officer Dr Piete Brooks
Departmental Fire Officer Martin McDonnell
Departmental Laser Safety Officer Dr Markus Kuhn
Secretary, Faculty Board Caroline Stewart
Secretary, Selection Committee Caroline Stewart
Chair, Library Committee Dr Markus Kuhn
Librarian Nicholas Cutler
QAA Coordinator Caroline Stewart
QAA Coordinator Celia Burns
REF Coordinator Peter Robinson
Research Grants Carol Nightingale
Chair, PhD Applications Committee Glynn Winskel
PhD Coordinator Glynn Winskel
Secretary, Degree Committee Lise Gough
MPhil ACS Course Coordinator Dr Ian Wassell
Student Administrators Dinah Pounds
Student Administrators Helen Neal
Student Administrators Marion Cobby
Examiner, Part IB/II (Chair) Dr Ian Wassell
Examiner, Part IA (Chair) Timothy Griffin
Part II Supervisions Coordinator Dr Sean Holden
Projects Briefing Officer Dr Timothy Jones
IB Group Projects Organisers Richard Mortier
IB Group Projects Organisers Dr Robert Harle
Local Industry Supporters Club Dr David Greaves
Local Industry Supporters Club Simon Moore
Wednesday Seminar Organiser Dr Rafal Mantiuk
Technical Reports Editor Dr Markus Kuhn
Website Editor Dr Markus Kuhn
Website Editor Dr Stewart Carswell
Webserver Administrator Dr Piete Brooks
Webserver Administrator Dr Martyn Johnson
Graduate Education Admin Lise Gough
Graduate Education Admin Marketa Green
Graduate Education Admin Joy Rook
Researcher Development Coordinator Dr Evangelia Kalyvianaki
Director of Studies Alan Blackwell
Director of Studies Dr David Greaves
Director of Studies Simon Moore
Director of Studies Richard Mortier
Director of Studies Alan Mycroft
Director of Studies Lawrence C Paulson FRS
Director of Studies Professor Frank Stajano
Director of Studies Dr Richard Watts
Director of Studies Dr Richard Sharp
Director of Studies Dr Sean Holden
Director of Studies John Fawcett
Director of Studies Dr Christopher Town
Director of Studies Dr Timothy Jones
Director of Studies Matthew Ireland
Director of Studies Dr Hatice Gunes
Director of Studies Dr Sergei Taraskin
Director of Studies Dr Thomas Sauerwald
Director of Studies Dr Stephen Cummins
Director of Studies Dr Jamie Vicary
Director of Studies Jeremy Yallop
Director of Studies Jean Bacon
Director of Studies Dr Robert Mullins
Director of Studies Dr Christopher Town
Director of Studies Dr Robert Harle
Director of Studies Timothy Griffin
Director of Studies Luana Bulat
Director of Studies Cecilia Mascolo
Director of Studies Dr Marwa Mahmoud
Director of Studies Dr Neel Krishnaswami
Director of Studies Srinivasan Keshav
Director of Studies Alastair Beresford
Director of Studies Andrew Rice
Director of Studies Neil Lawrence
Director of Studies Paula Buttery
Director of Studies Dr Amanda Prorok
Director of Studies Dr Alice Hutchings
Director of Studies Professor Steven Murdoch
First Aider Dr Piete Brooks
First Aider Martin McDonnell
First Aider Helen Scarborough
First Aider Joy Rook
Part II Project Overseer Alan Blackwell
Computer Officer Nick Batterham
Computer Officer Dr Piete Brooks
Computer Officer Chris Hadley
Computer Officer Jiang He
Computer Officer Malcolm Scott
Computer Officer Mark Cresham
Digital Communications Coordinator Rachel Gardner
Research Strategy Manager Helen Francis
Industrial Collaboration Coordinator Laura James
Finance Assistant Jennifer Roberts
Finance Assistant Gillian Gill
Graduate Student Coordinator Dr Evangelia Kalyvianaki
Faculty Administrator Celia Burns
Human Resources Manager Quo Pham
Examiner, Part IA Dr Damon Wischik
Examiner, Part IB/II Alastair Beresford
Chair of Examiners, MPhil and Part III Simone Teufel
Part IA Coordinator Dr Timothy Jones
Cambridge Ring Coordinator Laura James
Chair, Tripos Management Committee Dr Timothy Jones
Examiner, MPhil and Part III Andrew W. Moore
Examiner, MPhil and Part III Mateja Jamnik
Examiner, MPhil and Part III Simone Teufel
Examiner, MPhil and Part III Dr Robert Watson
Chair, Staff-Student Consultative Forum Dr Robert Harle
women@CL Academic Director Andrew W. Moore
UROP Administrator Joy Rook
Chair, Buildings & Environment Committee Simon Moore
Personnel Administrator Kate Ellis
Chair, Directors of Studies Forum Dr Robert Harle
Reception Helen Scarborough
Reception Angela Yallup
Reception Rosina Whitmell
Chair, Equality & Diversity Committee Richard Mortier
Sabbatical Leave Richard Mortier
Sabbatical Leave Anuj Dawar
Sabbatical Leave Dr Thomas Sauerwald
Chair, Ethics Committee Dr Alice Hutchings
Chair, Postgraduate Education Committee Dr Ian Wassell
Chair, Graduate Students Forum Dr Evangelia Kalyvianaki
Senior Assessor Part III/MPhil Alan Blackwell
Senior Assessor Part III/MPhil Jon Crowcroft
Senior Assessor Part III/MPhil Dr Cengiz Oztireli
Senior Assessor Part III/MPhil (ML) Dr Ferenc Huszár
Senior Assessor Part III/MPhil (NLP) Dr Andreas Vlachos
Senior Assessor Part III Only (PLS/Theory) Andrew Pitts
Chair, Faculty Promotions Committee Cecilia Mascolo
MPhil Admissions Panel Member Nic Lane
PhD Applications Panel Member Jeremy Yallop
PhD Funding Panel Chair Dr Robert Mullins
Part II Project Assessor Lawrence C Paulson FRS
Part II Project Assessor Jeremy Yallop
Part II Project Assessor Nic Lane
PhD Funding Panel Member Mateja Jamnik
PhD Funding Panel Member Cecilia Mascolo
PhD Funding Panel Member Dr Amanda Prorok
Director of PG Education Mateja Jamnik
Examiner, Part IB/II (Senior Examiner) Dr David Greaves
Chair, Equality and Diversity Committee Richard Mortier
Chair, Graduate Education Committee Dr Ian Wassell
Chair, Outreach Committee Dr Timothy Jones
Chair, Research Staff Forum Committee Dr Matthew Danish
Chair, Wellbeing Committee Andrew Rice
Chair, Workload Committee Andrew Rice